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Hi I’m Jenny, the person behind Jenny W Designs. I am recent Textile Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University from specialising in weave. Although, in edition to this I am very multidisciplinary; I enjoy combining techniques in exciting and innovative ways. Exploring the fundamentals of textiles across a range of platforms.

Over my time at university I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience, from technical information to personal communications. I have learnt valuable skills that will ground me into the coming years of my career within the industry.

As you’ll be able to see from my portfolio, I am diverse in the range of areas I design and create for. Ranging from fashion to automotive interiors. Textiles is something that excites me massively, I never want to corner myself off, or narrow my abilities by sticking to one thing. I love going off in different avenues and exploring all the possibilities and embracing anything that gets thrown at me.

Sustainability is a strong factor for me within my work, I am constantly conscious of the actions I undertake when designing. It is becoming increasingly more important that everyone is aware of the issues and design/textiles is a huge sector within the environment that definitely can’t be overlooked. I approach sustainability in a variety of ways, but one of my key fundamentals within my work is ensuring the designs I create have the ability to live on; to be treasured and taken care of for years to come, not just thrown away into landfill. My entire graduate collection is based around this concept if you want to find out more please visit my graduate portfolio page.

I hope to develop these skills and attributes now that I have graduated and once I take the leap to becoming freelance; setting up my own business and seeing where the future of textiles takes me. If you would like to contact me regarding anything you have seen of my work you’re interested in or you would be interested in working together please contact me via the information below.